Why MMA?

As far as self defense goes it is the best option. Mixed Martial Arts has many concepts that literally put it light years ahead of all other martial arts.

* MMA covers all areas of self defense if trained properly. Grabs, throws, striking, clinching, ground work, submissions and any other area you can think of.

* It’s all based in resistance based Martial Arts. Systems that are being used in a competitive arena. Such as when a boxer or wrestler competes, they are using all of their skill sets to win. That environment takes the style from theory to fact.

* MMA constantly improves and evolves as new concepts are tested and tried out and either discarded or implemented as its proven in a competitive environment.

* Mixed Martial Arts isn’t stuck in dogma. We don’t do things because grandmaster so and so did it. Things always change and evolve and you must evolve or get left behind. 

* We only have so many hours in a day. So we don’t waste time on techniques or concepts that will never help you for self defense such as breaking boards, forms, or weapons, weapons ( I mean who carries around numchucks or bo staffs or sais like the ninja turtles…give me a break). 

* No black belt before 18. We believe a black belt represents a passage into being an adult. You can’t drive until 16, vote until 18 (I personally think they should raise it to 25 and you should pass a test) or drink until 21. Giving a child a black belt does a disservice to those who have trained for 15 years to get one.