What Makes us Different

I suppose the main thing that makes us different besides the reality based martial arts concepts would be our old school attitude. Our culture reflects what manners and etiquette they will need throughout life as they go from young people to adults. 

* Self Control – Daily drills and routines designed to teach your children to sit still and keep their mittens to themselves.

* Self Discipline – This by all accounts is a life long endeavor. This will take a while but you eat an elephant how? One bite at a time. With your support we will be another echo in your life.

* Healthy Eating Habits – This will do everyone a lot of good. Clean out the junk food and eating closer to earth foods will do everyone a lot of good. We can’t force this of course but healthy servings of fruits and veggies is preached every class.

* Old School American Values – This is what really separates us. We are an America 1st facility. It is our belief that all the marching and protesting is that this is the 1st generation of participation trophy kids that didn’t get their way. Whether you like the president or not has nothing to do with it. I have liked some and not others. I have never marched, thrown rocks, smashed windows, called people fascist while actually acting like a fascist or perpetuated violence on someone because I didn’t get my way. What is happening is a sad day with our culture. No participation trophies, keep score, walk tall, love the country where you reside, say the pledge, there is no cure for people that harm kids, try to win… every time, learn to lose graciously, sportsmanship. And the big one… boys will be boys. An entire movement is trying to feminize our young men. The simple games I played as a kid will get you suspended. So we have summertime squirt gun fights, play army, tag, dodgeball, cops and robbers, nerf gun fights. Young men need a healthy outlet. You can pretend to deny mother nature but mother nature will strike anyway. The best line I have heard is from Kenny Rogers… boys are great, but keep them busy or they will take your house apart board by board. And our girls we mold into tough as nails little ladies. We give them no slack and they do everything the boys do and are pushed the same. They need self defense more than boys. We all know why. We want our young ladies to scrap if they need to. We preach to never look for a fight but learn how just in case.

* Confidence – This one takes a while. Each time they come to class will be a gain of strength, cardio and real self defense. They will feel better immediately but the true confidence comes through the daily application of Jiu Jitsu in class. They will feel that this works. Not because grandmaster told them, but because they will feel it. No greater feeling than being able to move someone who is trying not to be moved. And we all know if a child has to defend themselves against a bully they don’t box it out like kung fu panda. It’s a one punch and wrestle around… Jiu Jitsu in the component of mixed martial art prepares them for this better than any other.

* Respect for parents and teachers – We work with having your child with homework… don’t worry not mental, just physical and you will appreciate it (you can thank me later). Plus if they aren’t performing up to their potential in school they won’t test for their next belt… and that is a great motivator.

These are some of the many benefits we will instill into your children with your permission.