“I would highly recommend American School of Martial Arts to others. I have a story that highlights the benefits my kids have enjoyed. Louis used to get picked on a lot, and would cry after school once or twice per week. On Tuesday he was talking about school and mentioned that he doesn’t get picked on at recess any more. Had that been the end of the story I would have been happy and satisfied with the changes Louis has made, but there was more. He told me that he and his friend Eric have made a “team”, and at recess they help out other kids who are getting picked on. I was concerned that he was getting physical with other kids and asked him to explain how he helps other kids. He said that the two of them walk over and stand next to the kid getting picked on and tell the bully to stop, and then they ask the kid that was getting picked on if they want to play with them (Louis and Eric) so that the bully wont come back. He said it has worked every time except for once. For me that is what defines success at American School of Martial Arts. Not belts or the mastering of an escape or submission, but learning right from wrong, respect for authority, and the confidence to stand up for your self and others.”

-Jeff Wiley

“MMA really toughened up our son. He is one of the fastest players in his hockey program, and is in by far the best condition of any of the players. He has no fear knocking down players twice his size. He’s become quite good at defense. I’ve seen him step right in front of an 8th grader in full stride turn his hip and take him down. That takes guts! I’m sure it hurts too. He has no fear of tangling with people. Also he’s a 4th grade kid who demands fruits and vegetables, including broccoli sprouts, and he drinks water instead of pop or milk even when pop is offered. Yep, he learned this stuff from you. Of course we reinforced it too. He’s not the greatest athlete by nature. His nature is to be a computer and math geek, and MMA has given him confidence. Now he has the opportunity to compete at sports like hockey, I don’t think he would have been able to compete without an MMA background. We’ve had a great relationship with ASMA and ATT and you will always be highly recommended by our family.”

-Steve Olson

“I have been at ATT with my boys for the past 2 months. I am 100% sold on the life lessons they are learning and the application this training makes in life and for the sport of hockey. It has especially hit me now due to the size, intensity and speed of the bantam game some of us are now watching. Some of the things learned are importance of 100% pressure, intensity, nutrition, how to fall, how to absorb impact, power, explosion, hand and foot speed, balance, discipline, respect, sportsmanship, and self defense. We do not like to talk about it and I hope it never happens but I have heard of bench clearing brawls in Bantam Mash games and even in older year AAA hockey games this summer. I know we all have aspirations of higher level hockey and there will come a day when they all will have to defend themselves in life from some bully or opposition force.”

-Brian Hansen
Prior Lake, MN

“Caleb has been taking classes at ATT Savage for a while now. These classes have been very challenging for him both physically and mentally. He has never worked so hard to achieve a goal before, yet he has also never been so proud of his efforts either. His experience at American Top Team of Savage has left him feeling proud, confident, self assured, and he has a whole new respect for the value of hard work and discipline.”

-Rich and Andrea Dean
Shakopee, MN