1. What is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)? – MMA is relatively new. It is evolving at a very rapid pace because its constantly being put to the test. And like anything being constantly tested, it improves because of the testing environment. The cream of martial arts that has risen to the top of what actually work in no specific order are: Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, various forms of Wrestling and Boxing.

2. We practice Tae Kwon Do and Krav Maga, is that Mixed Martial Arts? – To be fair I guess you can mix anything and call it whatever you want, but Tai Chi and combat Yoga aren’t going to suit you well in self defense. Nor is any other combo of arts as they aren’t resistance based arts. In laymans terms… if there were a better way to punch, a boxer would figure that out because they get paid more to win. If there was a better combo to use in the MMA arena, fighters would use it because they get paid more to win.

3. So are you teaching our children to be unsportmanlike and cage fighters? – No we aren’t. We teach them the same fighting techniques that actually WORK, in a very respectful environment stressing self defense only. Sportsmanship at the highest level only is what we teach along with being nice and kind to everyone.

4. Is this training safe? – Yes, we have never had a child injured more than a bump or bruise or hurt feelings in over 15 years in business.

5. How much does this cost? – We have programs from 95 to 177 a month and you can even get it lowered by buying blocks of time. 

6. How many times a week is required? – We require at least 2 but you can go on whatever days you wish and you could go as much as you want, even 7 days a week. You pick your days and they can be different from week to week. We don’t care as long as you make it in twice a week.

7. We are involved with a lot of sports and are just looking for a filler activity. Would we be a good fit? – No you would not. If you have your child involved with a bunch of activities and are running crazy, taking this on wouldn’t be good for us or you. We don’t need this to be #1 on your list of activities but we can’t have this # last. 

8. Will this really develop all those things you are claiming? – Yes, 100%. You have to show up and back us up though. You need to be involved. Sports are just sports, a game, an activity. You can’t put us in that category. There is no greater confidence booster than knowing you can handle yourself if need be. You can dunk a basketball and your friends can cheer, same with hitting a home run or scoring a goal. But if I can take you down, escape or make you stop by making you submit…..well that is just a whole other level of confidence.

9. Do the kids have to say the pledge after class? What if we don’t believe in God or want to have them do the class but not say the pledge? – Well if that’s the case we can’t force people to say or do anything… but I will say that if that is your stance you will probably be uncomfortable with a lot of the other character development scenarios we have your kids act out. Or with the other subjects we teach besides self defense.

10. Why don’t the kids have to bow or call you master? – That is from a different culture. Although we respect all cultures, we teach your kids nothing but American culture and manners. Teachers will be addressed as Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. We shake hands, high 5 and enforce the beliefs of what we believe made America the greatest country on earth. The constitution, bill of rights etc… its all part of what we stand for.