Character Development

* Self Control – The drills and structure of the class that the instructors implement will give you immediate results. We guarantee improvements immediately…..but you must be consistent.

* Self Discipline – Each class stresses this benefit. Which in our opinion is a must have for success in any endeavor.

* Respect for Parents and Teachers – From our school creed forward we stress the importance of a healthy respect for both. However we do stress the importance of parents 1st, teachers 2nd. As a lot of concepts that are being taught as fact are actually theory and we want the parents opinion to over ride the teachers opinion… parents 1st.

* Physical Fitness – From exercise to eating more fruits and veggies to the elimination of processed foods and limited video games…..we go old school on this. The classes are rigorous but fun. Happy exercise with the benefit of real self defense. Its a win/win.

* Increased Focus – All eyes on the instructor…..all the time. And its our main rule and enforced every class, all the time. You will see improvements immediately.

* Confidence……REAL CONFIDENCE. Yes that is highlighted. Most martial arts facilities will teach a false confidence by a lot of screaming yes sir and breaking a board. At least twice a year for many years in a row I have to retrain a Karate/Tae Kwon Do black belt who was involved in a scuffle or messing around with his friends that wrestle. And to their surprise the martial art they have been practicing was rendered ineffective. Confidence comes through daily training where they will actually feel that this works. We stress heavy on the Jiu Jitsu/Wrestling for our youth program which goes hand in hand on how kids actually scuffle or compete physically against each other.

* Patriotism – Seems odd that I need to put this in our character development section. In todays world with anti-American propaganda everywhere from our public schools to the nightly news…..well, we view that as simply wrong, just plain wrong. In our opinion America is so great that even our lower income tax bracket citizens have plenty of food and usually cable tv and a cell phone. America is so great even the folks that hate it refuse to leave. America is so great people make rafts out of plastic milk jugs and brave shark infested waters to get here. America is so great we have the moniker…..American Dream. Ever hear of the French dream or the Russian dream….nope, neither have we.

All kidding aside we think this country is AWESOME!
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