Minnesota Kids Mixed Martial Arts

Pledge of Allegience - Patriotism... even the Under God part
Kids Jiu Jitsu Class
Jiu Jitsu - Reality based self defense... no board breaking
Lining up for Class - Learning to stand proud, shoulders back, good posture
Fun in Kids Class - Everyone passed their test!

To say back to school this year is different would be the understatement of the year! Back to school, home school, 2 days on 3 days off……what a mess. I truly believe that this is hurting our kids more than helping. Let us help your children with all empowering self defense, old school character development, confidence, self discipline and our personal favorites…. looking you in the eyes and taking responsibility for their actions. We have a positive social atmosphere. WE WILL NEVER USE THE BRAINWASHING PHRASE ‘ THE NEW NORMAL’…. this is not normal and to be honest we can’t wait for the election to be over. Text/call 952-457-7743 to set up your free trial today!

Everything evolves. Well most things anyway. But there isn’t another Martial Art that evolves like Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). I personally have been training since 1979. I go and visit a lot of schools when I am traveling. Most of the systems and styles…….Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do etc.. that I once practiced as a kid are still doing the same thing. Same forms, same one steps, same self defense sequences, same everything.

MMA is always evolving and changing for the better. It’s field tested for efficiency weekly via Mixed Martial Arts competitions.

Now by no means are we going to teach your child to become a fighter or to be aggressive or a bully. But we will educate your children on the most up to date viable form of self defense on the planet. In today’s world I find that a valuable skill. Right up there with swimming.

Please text or call 952-457-7743 to schedule your free intro today!


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Most parents want all the benefits of the Martial Arts instilled into their little people. Self control, confidence, self discipline, becoming a self starter, healthy respect for parents and teachers, self awareness, calming down the super fidgety, bringing them out of their shell….we do all that and so much more.

Before opting in though, I need you to search the menu options, as we have a philosophy that goes against the grain of what the current state of affairs is pushing. We are an old school academy, teaching your children old school American values that seem to have been cast aside for what WE think is an inferior way of thinking, as it breeds victims instead of competent go-getters.

Please text or call 952-457-7743 to schedule your free intro today!

We are located at 14869 Hwy 13 on the Savage/Prior Lake border